0xFi on BNB Chain

Empowering Liquid Staking Across Blockchains

Introduction Liquidity and Accessibility Dual Rewards Interoperability Strengthening the Ecosystem Governance and Community

0xFi, a pioneering Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) platform, extends its reach to the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain), ushering in a new era of liquidity, flexibility, and opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. This expansion brings the benefits of 0xFi's innovative platform to BNB Chain users, providing a seamless bridge between two dynamic blockchain ecosystems.

Liquidity and Accessibility

With 0xFi on BNB Chain, users can unlock their staked assets and put them to work without the traditional constraints of lock-up periods. Liquidity, often sacrificed in conventional staking, is now at the forefront of the experience. Holders of BNB, in particular, gain the power to participate in Liquid Staking on the BNB Chain while maintaining the accessibility of their assets.

Dual Rewards

By deploying 0xFi on BNB Chain, users stand to benefit from not only the native staking rewards but also the potential of 0xFi tokens. This dual rewards system enhances the overall value proposition for stakers, offering a unique opportunity to maximize their earnings.


0xFi's expansion to BNB Chain promotes interoperability between different blockchains. Users can seamlessly bridge their staked assets between Layerzero and BNB Chain, unlocking new possibilities for asset utilization, yield generation, and cross-chain liquidity provision.

Interoperability Strengthening the Ecosystem

The integration of 0xFi with BNB Chain is a significant milestone in the journey to fortify the Liquid Staking and DeFi ecosystem. It enriches BNB Chain's DeFi landscape, attracting liquidity providers, stakers, and traders seeking innovative financial opportunities.

Governance and Community

As part of the expansion, 0xFi brings its governance and community-centric approach to BNB Chain, ensuring that users have a say in the evolution of the platform and the direction of the ecosystem. Community participation and engagement are at the heart of the 0xFi philosophy.

0xFi's integration with BNB Chain opens up a world of possibilities for crypto enthusiasts, combining the strengths of both platforms to provide unmatched liquidity, accessibility, and potential rewards. It marks a significant step toward a more interconnected and versatile DeFi landscape, where users have the freedom to optimize their staking assets across multiple chains. The future of Liquid Staking is here, and it's powered by 0xFi on BNB Chain.

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