0xFi Swap

What is 0xFi Swap?

0xFi Swap is a tool designed for exchanging reward-bearing tokens with tokens that actively generate rewards, all within the same asset class. For example, zeroBNB to zeroETH.

What are reward bearing and rewards earning tokens?

These tokens are distributed to you by 0xFi as a part of the 0xFi Liquid Staking process. They are provided in a 1:1 ratio corresponding to your staked assets.

Liquid Staking tokens are represented by reward-bearing tokens like zeroETH, which appreciate in value over time to match the value of the original asset, such as ETH in this scenario. Staking rewards accumulate within these reward-bearing tokens, implying that the issued zeroETH tokens do not increase in quantity but steadily appreciate in value relative to ETH. When you redeem your stake, you receive both your originally staked assets and the accrued staking rewards.

Supported tokens

Currently, 0xFi Swap supports swapping:

  • stETH -> zeroETH

  • ankrBNB–>zeroBNB

  • ankrETH–>zeroETH

  • cbETH -> zeroETH

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