0xFi’s long-term commitment is to build up a universal decentralized finance protocol for fast-growing blockchain ecosystems.

Phase 1: Inception and Development Kick-off

  • Idea inception, team formation, and initial research.

  • Detailed project planning, including market and competitor analysis.

  • Commencement of 0xFi development on Layerzero, establishing core architecture.

Phase 2: Core Development and Testing

  • Ongoing development of 0xFi, focusing on staking derivative functionality.

  • Initiate internal testing and security audits, addressing identified issues.

Phase 3: External Testing and Optimization

  • Launch 0xFi testnet for community feedback.

  • Optimize the platform based on community input in preparation for mainnet.

Phase 4: IDO and Token Launch

  • Finalize IDO details, encompassing tokenomics and whitepaper.

  • Conduct IDO to secure initial capital and distribute tokens.

Phase 5: Mainnet Launch

  • Prepare for mainnet launch, completing audits and smart contract finalization.

  • Execute a private beta for early users.

  • Officially launch 0xFi on the mainnet.

Phase 6: Binance Smart Chain Integration

  • Commence integration with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

  • Ensure seamless interoperability with BSC tokens and assets.

Phase 7: Community Building and Marketing

  • Foster a robust community presence through social media, forums, and educational content.

  • Engage prospective users, investors, and strategic partners.

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