Why 0xFi?


Mint zeroToken on 0xFi i.e. stake via 0xFi Liquidity Staking platform, you can control your underlying staking assets during the period.

Automatic Staking Management

0xFi Staking protocols are all running under the 0xFi parachain pallets, earn staking rewards every 24 hours, without centralized risks.

Less Unstaking Period

0xFi's liquidity staking pool helps users to realize the possibility of early redemption by matching the real-time staking quantity with the redemption quantity at the protocol layer in the form of a queue. Theoretically, it can achieve faster redemption.

Extra Staking Returns + DeFi Yields

0xFi does delegating staking for users by selecting a set of validators and rebalancing the rewards, gives out more profitable solutions. By holding the zeroToken, you will have chances to head into more yield senarios.

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