Liquid Staking

0xFi's Liquid Staking protocol is now live!

Liquid Staking enables users to unlock and utilize their staked assets effectively.

Users have the capability to exchange their Tokens (BNB, ETH, etc.) for zeroToken (staked Token). This exchange not only allows them to earn staking rewards but also grants them the flexibility to use zeroToken just as they would any other cryptocurrency.

Traditional crypto staking often comes with two challenges:

  • A substantial minimum token requirement for earning staking rewards.

  • Lock-up periods that render assets illiquid.

Liquid staking effectively addresses both of these challenges by removing the minimum token requirement and enabling users to deploy their staked tokens on other DeFi protocols.

Typically, staked tokens are locked for a specified duration, leading to liquidity constraints and inefficient asset utilization. Liquid staking, as offered by 0xFi, resolves these issues, ensuring that tokens remain liquid and optimizing their use.

0xFi empowers token holders by providing access to DeFi protocols while simultaneously allowing them to earn staking rewards. This approach maximizes the utility of tokens and offers a seamless experience for users.

How does it work?

You may access the 0xFiroLSD Liquid Staking protocol to stake any number of tokens on the protocol.

When Tokens are staked, you will receive a corresponding number of zeroToken (staked Tokens).


Within the Liquid Staking Protocol, you can participate by staking your Tokens, which in turn, earns you zeroTokens directly into your wallet. These staked Tokens are actively delegated to validators to accumulate staking rewards, which are automatically reinvested and compounded within the staking pool.

In the realm of 0xFi Swap, you have the opportunity to contribute liquidity to zeroTokens pools like BNB-zeroBNB. In return, you'll receive swap fees and an LP token representing your share of the liquidity pool in the deployed pools.

When you decide to access your staking rewards alongside the initially staked tokens, you can simply navigate back to the Liquid Staking Protocol. Here, you can initiate the unstaking process to claim your tokens without any hassle.

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